Swimming is a full-body exercise that utilizes, strengthens and tones major muscle groups within a woman’s body. It also helps to lower stress levels and raise endorphins. Here are a few reasons to take up this water-based workout.

1. Helps with breathing and strengthens the heart – Swimming places high demand on the heart and the lungs, improving and strengthening cardiovascular functioning. Strong lungs improve oxygen transport to the cells and muscles throughout a woman’s body. The more efficient and effective the lungs become, the easier breathing becomes during swimming and other modes of exercise. Increasing cardiovascular endurance contributes to higher calorie expenditure and increases in exercise duration and intensity. Swimming strengthens a woman’s heart, helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.

2. Counts as Both Cardio and Strength Training – In swimming, if you aren’t moving constantly, you’re sinking. (Forced cardio!) In the water, your muscles are under constant resistance. Finally, no more trying to decide if today is going to be a strength or cardio day.

3. Eases Exercise Difficulties During Pregnancy – Since women are mostly buoyant while swimming, pregnant women may be more comfortable exercising in water than on land. Improvements in muscular strength and oxygen efficiency may ease the challenges of labor and will help a woman’s lungs deliver oxygen effectively to her baby. Swimming may lower stress levels and anxiety experienced during pregnancy.

4. It Turns Back the Clock – Regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their driver’s licenses say they are, according to research from Indiana University. Scientists say that, even up until your 70th birthday, swimming affects blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, central nervous system health, cognitive functioning, muscle mass, and blood chemistry to be much more similar to that of your younger self.

Waterworks Aquatics offers recreation swim for the public to enjoy the warm water year round. Recreation swim will be offered in the designated pools below at various times throughout the week.

Rec Swim is a great opportunity to network with parents in the community and for young swimmers to practice and gain more exposure to the water. It is also open to the public to allow non-members the opportunity to come experience the positive energy and fun that Waterworks’ facility and staff provide to swimmers of all ages.

Waterworks Aquatics is located at 2290 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena. Call (626) 836-1200 or you can visit their website for more information http://waterworksswim.com/.