BOX_AA_OPEN_45What do you get when you combine chocolate and environmental education? Yowie. This educational and edible toy is perfect for Easter and Earth Day. The Yowie product was developed in Australia by Cadbury in the 1990’s based on a series of books written to educate readers about conservation

Each kooky character holds a detailed replica of an endangered animal and an educational leaflet. Yowie aims to “Save The Natural World” by promoting wildlife conservation and educating children about ecology and endangered species.

Yowie CEO, Bert Alfonso, explains the collectibles in Series 1 were global animals while Series 2 focused on animals of the Americas. He adds that they plan to launch Series 3 later this year.

“My personal favorite is Squish the Fiddlewood Yowie the “Guardian of the Waterways”. I really like his purple color and I also believe that water is our most precious resource,” said Alfonso.

Children can also join the Yowie World online and create an avatar and experience the Yowie environment first-hand. The interactive component ensures the environmental education will continue after the chocolate is finished.

“The recipe is similar to a Swiss style chocolate. We also ensure responsible sourcing, in our case, that is Rain Forest Alliance Certification,” he said.

Yowie will be handing out free candy at the Egg Bowl in Pasadena on April 15. It’s a fun and tasty way to get ready for Earth Day the following week.

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