Saje, pronounced “sage,” is the latest addition to Pasadena’s busy Colorado Boulevard. This well-known Canadian aromatherapy retailer made their debut in Pasadena on Thursday, April 13. The store focuses exclusively on 100% natural products that promote well-being. Their essential oil blends are recognized for their medicinal properties by Health Canada and some have been marked as OTCs (over the counter medications) by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

“Medicine can be so many different things – it can be food, it can be plants – it’s anything that makes you feel better,” said Alexandra Lam, Saje Community Experience Specialist.


Saje was founded by husband-and-wife team, Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc, after a car accident left Jean-Pierre with complications and chronic pain. The original recipes he developed in 1992 are still sold in stores today. Saje’s products range from essential oil mists and ultrasonic diffusers to skincare and perfume rollers. Lam took us through some of the store’s more popular products.

Peppermint Halo is their first and most well-known product. This essential oil roller was originally developed to help with headaches but can also be used to soothe muscle aches and tension. It’s primary ingredients are peppermint, lavender and rosemary. Lam suggests applying it directly to the head, in a halo pattern, on on whichever muscles need care. The Peppermint Halo stars in Saje’s Pocket Pharmacy – a wallet with Pain Release, Gutsy (for stomach ailments), Fortify (for respiratory help) and Stress Release.


In addition to essential oil roller and mists, Saje offers a full line of Ultrasonic Diffusers, called Healthy Enviro. These stylish diffusers use ultrasonic vibration to emit a fina mist of water and essential oils into the air. Lam says that they can be used with or without essential oils and says that they are especially helpful for arid climates, like Los Angeles. Saje’s essential oil diffuser blends evoke scenes like Liquid Sunshine, emotions like Serenity, or a general sense of wellness like Yoga. Lam adds that Liquid Sunshine is one of the most popular diffuser blends in Canada while Rainforest has been a bestseller in California.

Arrive Revived is Saje’s answer to jet lag. This energizing blend of grapeseed oil, lemon oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil helps balance your body so you can adapt to your new surroundings. Lam suggests misting the spray slightly above your head and taking a deep breath to absorb the fine mist. These travel-friendly products are the perfect addition to your carry-on and are small enough to take through airport security.


Lam adds that all many of Saje’s products are adaptogenic, which means that these herbal ingredients are used to improve adrenal system health. They do not contain any toxins or synthetic materials are fully absorbed by the body. She cautions that skin care products may not have an immediate effect because of prior chemical buildup and suggests that people new to Saje give their products a two week grace period. If you still aren’t satisfied, Saje offers a no questions asked lifetime return polciy.

Saje Natural Wellness is located at 111 West Colorado Boulevard. Visit for more information.