The Pasadena Chapter of The American Society of Interior Designers gathered to network and share their insight on popular trends for 2017. The ASID is the oldest organization for interior designers and brings together vendors and other industry professionals to foster collaboration. This year’s event featured vendor booths, networking and presentations by designers. We spoke with ASID vendors and attendees about the colors, furniture and style trends they’re seeing for this year.

Shelby Fowler, Design Account Executive at Sherwin Williams, said that this year’s color is Poised Taupe, a new neutral derived from nature. She adds that Deep Navy is another popular pick and that many people are choosing matte paint over gloss. In addition to a “new neutral” color palette, accents of color are always in style and can help brighten any room.

In terms of furniture, teak is a popular option this year. Carmen Ramirez, Manager of Roling Home, adds that copper accents are a trendy choice for 2017 as well. She explains that Roling Home is known for their New Asian style which fuses Chinese, Japanese, French and other design influences.

“Everything is going digital,” said Adam Litberg of Snyder Diamond, Pasadena. He explains that many customers are looking for WiFi-enables appliances and app-compatible items like barbecues that you can set remotely and steam showers with temperature and music controls. He adds that more customers are looking for integrated kitchen cooktops and satin brass or satin gold finishes.

“Transitional, or what I like to call ‘eclectic’ is still very big right now,” said Jimmy Benaim, Executive Consultant at Courtesy Lighting. He explains that fixtures combining wrought iron and swarovski crystals are popular because they can fit into any design scheme. He adds that many people are moving away from traditional dining room chandeliers and choosing multi-pendant light fixture instead.

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