The new year is the perfect time to take stock of your life goals, your plans for the future and your style. What better way to start 2017 than with a new look that boosts your confidence? We spoke with April Hicks, the owner of Headtrip Salon in Pasadena, about the trends she’s seeing for 2017.

“Overall, the trend I’m seeing is toward a clean lifestyle – natural hair, natural makeup and healthy eating,” said Hicks.

“Natural hair is in. I see a lot more people embracing their curls,” she said.

Hicks explains that frizz is the biggest issue with curls and that many product lines are creating specific products to help add moisture and control frizz. She recommends Devacurls’ No Poo (a shampoo alternative) and Mixed Chicks hair products which work on a variety of hair textures. In addition to embracing their hair texture, many women are requesting braids and buns.

“One of the things that our salon has been getting a lot of requests for is braids – cornrows, crown braids – it’s something that has been done in the African American community for years but is now becoming more accepted in the mainstream and even in the workplace,” said Hicks.

As far as color, she is still seeing a lot of highlighted ombre in ashy and warm colors like, reds and pinks. While “crayon colors” are still popular, Hicks feels the overall trend is moving towards a more natural look.

“People are going for a softer look with more natural roots, which allows for less trips to the salon, while still giving the color they desire,” said Hicks.

In addition to softer hair colors, Hicks says that the no makeup trend, made popular by Alicia Keys, is really taking off. But, for those who are looking to add a little color, she says that lips are the way to go.

“I see a lot of bold lips like the early ‘80s style with matte color and a plumb look,” she said.

No matter what your personal style or which trends you choose to follow, remember to wear your look with confidence and make the most of the new year.

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