L-R: Dr. Swaminatha Gurudevan, Chris Chahinian, and Jesse Dillon.


Pasadena nonprofit, Men Educating Men About Health (MEMAH), educates the local community about health issues affecting men and women. Now in its 7th active year, it embarks on the business of expanding its board and community partnerships.


MEMAH’s recent appointments of three new board members with backgrounds in the fields of medicine, business, and journalism will increase the board’s capabilities. Esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Swaminatha Gurudevan of Healthcare Partners, and formerly Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, brings his expertise in heart disease and health prevention. Chris Chahinian, founding President of the Board of Directors for American Armenian Rose Float Association, Pasadena resident, and local entrepreneur, will lend his nonprofit board experience and community bridge-building skills. Rounding out the new appointees is Jesse Dillon, CEO of Beacon Media News, comprised of ten newspaper groups. Jesse will share his leadership and management experience and join with MEMAH board members to expand the organization’s digital and social media presence.


“MEMAH thanks its newest and existing board members, and community partners for joining us in enlarging the scope of our organization’s free health screening event, Get Healthy Pasadena,” said Jim Morris, MEMAH’s Executive Director. As MEMAH prepares for its 2017 Gala which honors local businesses and citizens who contribute to the well-being of Pasadena residents, Jim says, “This annual event allows us to spotlight healthy community leadership. We are proud to say that all of our board members model that commitment as well.”


MEMAH’s 2017 Gala will be held at Western Justice Center on April 29th. For ticket information, please call (626) 817-9499 or send email to [email protected] by April 8th.