While flossing and brushing are the most effective ways of making your teeth look whiter, believe it or not, some clever makeup tricks can amp up the sparkle, too. Here are some easy hacks how to make your teeth even brighter!

1. Get a dark-colored lipstick – while orange tones in lip colors can reflect as yellow on your teeth, dark blue and purple undertones will make your smile look brighter. Choose blue-toned berry hues – like a bold, true red or a punchy plum – which counteract traces of yellow to give your pearly whites that mega watt shine.

2. Focus on eyes – surprisingly, making your eyes your focal point can enhance your pearly whites. That is, if you reach for cool-toned colors that help to deflect any yellow tones. Purple, blue and silver eye shadows will brighten your smile through the winter months, while green and turquoise lids will work when spring calls for brighter, more frivolous hues.

3. Get rid of gold-shiny glosses – Just like cooler hues in lipsticks help enhance your pearly whites, you should choose similar colors for the flecks of shimmer in your lip gloss. Ditch any glosses that lend a thwack of gold or bronze-toned glitter, opting instead for silver shimmer that offers a sparkly smile

4. Consider professional whitening – whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. You can choose a more effective professional whitening service like Carte Blanche, to keep your teeth looking bright.

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