Sherry F Talks About Her Honorable Mention Award

“Hello, I’m Sherry F, the artist of ‘Sun’ and I have been passionate about art ever since I was three years old. I chose to compete because I wanted a new challenge since I normally just draw recreationally and I wanted people other than my friends and family to see my work. I’m very proud that I can share my piece with others on the Scholastic Art and Writing Award website.

My inspiration was the universe and how life can be sucked up by a black hole in seconds. Life is represented by the trees and planets which are being destroyed by the black hole while the sun represents warmth and happiness. In the blink of an eye, everything we know can be gone. Even though destruction is happening, the girl is smiling, hinting that the destruction may not be the ending to existence, but rather another chapter of something new. That is how I personally feel about the piece, but art can be interpreted in many different ways depending on a viewer.

I want to thank my amazing art teacher, Mrs. Apple McKee. Thank you so much for all your help and for allowing me to express myself independently with my piece. I would never have known about the Scholastic Art Competition if you didn’t give me the opportunity to compete. Also, thank you Kristy Sun, a fellow classmate, for being awesome moral support during the drawing process.”

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