The concept of ‘managing your health’ or ‘staying healthy’ often translates to eating healthy and regular exercise, while going to the doctor associated with being sick. In fact, visiting the doctor regularly for preventive care is an important part of staying healthy.

Annual wellness visits (also called Check-ups or Physicals) typically include height and weight measurements, blood pressure and pulse readings. Sometimes this also includes a blood test that can identify diabetes, cholesterol, and thyroid levels. Be sure to ask your insurance company if lab work is covered as a preventive service – often it is not.

Your check-up is an opportunity to discuss your current health concerns, your health history and any questions you might have. The healthcare professional may ask or counsel you about your lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, nutrition, or physical activity. A skin check is common, if you are at high risk for skin cancer.

Also annual vision exams and bi-annual dental exams are important for everyone. They help maintain vision and oral health. These exams typically include screenings for vision and oral diseases, including eye cancer, glaucoma, cataracts, throat cancers, periodontal disease and much else.

Healthcare providers are here to help everyone stay healthy and well, as well as treating the injured and ill. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what preventive screenings you need, and how often. Contact ChapCare provider if you have any questions about coverage of a procedure or screen.

In addition to the high-quality, comprehensive health care services provided at eight health center locations, ChapCare attends events and health fairs at various locations in the San Gabriel Valley, offering a wide range of health, wellness and preventive services. These events make needed outreach services available to the community, and help educate residents about the care and support available to them at ChapCare.

For more information on health care options visit ChapCare at 1855 North Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena or online at Call (626) 398-6300 for more details.