Summer’s coming, temperature’s rising, and the best way to get cool these days is to either move way up north or head to Burrito Express and grab a Shavie.

What’s a Shavie, you ask?

Wil Orozco, owner of Burrito Express explains that “it’s shaved ice. What we do is we have a machine that has a long blade on it, take a block of ice and then the machine just shaves it down to a soft, fluffy consistency.”

Unlike crushed ice or regular sno-cones which can be gritty and hard, Shavies “just melt in your mouth, very fluffy, like snow that just fell,” says Orozco.

Shavies come in 18 flavors, with “three or four sugar-free” says Orozco.

But unlike some other flavored shaved ice vendors, “what we do is we put ice cream at the bottom of the shaved ice. We put that at the bottom of the cup and then shaved ice on top and then we put the flavored syrup on the ice itself,” says Orozco.

There are four ice cream flavors available – coconut pineapple, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate – and together with the 18 flavors of syrup, the flavor possibilities are endless.

Customers can then choose to top it all off with sour powder or sweetened condensed milk.

If you don’t have time to mix and match, Burrito Express also has set Shavie flavors such as Nani’s Revenge and Root Beer Float.

Shavie’s are not available all-year round, however. Orozco says “the Shavies, we do them from May through October. In May, we just do them on the weekend and then when June comes around, we do them all week after 5:00pm”

Orozco also tells us that this will be the third summer to offer Shavies.

Aside from Shavies, Burrito Express also added some new menu items such as its fish tacos and fish burritos using “beer-battered Alaskan Pollock,” Orozco adds.

Burrito Express is located on the corner of Washington Blvd and Sierra Bonita Ave., at 1597 E. Washington Blvd., in north Pasadena. For more info, call (626) 798-0844 or visit