For the second consecutive year, local realtors will head to the classrooms and libraries of Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) elementary schools to read aloud to children during the annual Read Across PASadena celebration Feb. 27 – March 3, 2017. Inspired by Collaborate PASadena and sponsored by the Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF), the events strengthen connections between the realtor community of the greater Pasadena area and Pasadena Unified schools. Read Across PASadena salutes National Read Across America Week, the annual national reading event that honors the March 2nd birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known as Dr. Seuss. Schools also host readings by local leaders, parents and community members during the week.

“With the continuing support of the realtor community, our schools are the first choice in education for more area families,” said Superintendent Brian McDonald. “I am pleased to welcome realtors to our schools during this celebration of reading. Their first-hand experiences are turning around the perception of our schools to one that is relevant today: Pasadena Unified schools offer a rich and competitive array of educational choices where children thrive and excel.”

Read Across PASadena continues a growing collaboration between local realtors and the schools of Pasadena Unified, and promotes the joy of reading. The event was inspired by Collaborate PASadena, a coalition of public organizations, cities, and individuals who work together to make Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre places where children grow up in supportive environments that prepare them for success in school and in life.

Read Across PASadena partners include the local realtor community, the Pasadena Educational Foundation, United Teachers of Pasadena, California School Employees Association, Reading Partners, Reading is Fundamental of Southern California, and the Pasadena Public Library.

“I am so excited to provide continued leadership for our 2nd Annual Realtors Read Across PASadena,” said realtor Carrie Benuska of the John Aaroe Group. “This special event is so important for the local real estate community, giving individual realtors an opportunity to experience the Pasadena Unified schools in a very personal way. This first-hand experience enhances our services to both home buyers and sellers in the Greater Pasadena area.”

Participating realtors include John Aaroe Group, Berkshire Hathaway, Compass, Coldwell Banker, Deasy/Penner, Dilbeck, Keller Williams, Podley Properties, and Partners Trust.

Read Across PASadena Realtor Reading Events
Thursday, March 2, 2017
7:50 a.m. Sierra Madre Elementary, 141 West Highland Ave., Sierra Madre
8:30 a.m. Hamilton Elementary, 2089 Rose Villa St. Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Jackson Elementary, 593 West Woodbury Rd., Altadena
8:30 a.m. McKinley School, 325 South Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Norma Coombs Elementary School, 2600 Paloma St., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. San Rafael Elementary, 1090 Nithsdale Rd., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Washington Accelerated Elementary, 1520 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Webster Elementary, 2101 East Washington Blvd., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Willard Elementary, 301 South Madre St., Pasadena
9:00 a.m. Don Benito Fundamental, 3700 Denair St., Pasadena
9:00 a.m. Roosevelt Elementary School, 315 North Pasadena Ave., Pasadena

Friday, March 3, 2017
8:30 a.m. Altadena Elementary, 743 East Calaveras St., Altadena
9:00 a.m. Field (Eugene) Elementary, 3600 Sierra Madre Blvd., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Franklin Elementary, 527 West Ventura St., Altadena
8:30 a.m. Jefferson Elementary, 1500 East Villa St., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Longfellow (Henry W.) Elementary, 1065 East Washington Blvd., Pasadena
8:30 a.m. Madison Elementary, 515 Ashtabula St., Pasadena
9:00 a.m. Cleveland Elementary, 524 Palisade St., Pasadena

About Collaborate PASadena

Collaborate PASadena’s core vision is that the children of Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre all grow up in a safe, stable, and supportive environment that prepares them for success in school and in life. The backbone of this initiative includes the participation of the City of Pasadena, Town of Altadena, City of Sierra Madre, Pasadena Unified School District, area non-profit organizations, local businesses and Chambers of Commerce, faith-based organizations, parents, students, and institutions of higher education. The structure includes work groups and a leadership council that facilitates the collection of data, providing first-hand reports and feedback, and offering guidance and support. Collaborate PASadena is sponsored by the City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Unified School District. The fiscal sponsor of the initiative is the Flintridge Center, a long-time Pasadena organization focused on reducing violence and improving lives in the community.

About the Pasadena Educational Foundation

Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for public education, engages the community, and develops resources to support excellent education for every Pasadena Unified School District student. Whether it be through the arts, music, health centers, gardens, or STEM programs they support, PEF is dedicated to creating a better future for the public school students of Altadena, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre.