Photo courtesy of Boston Court Performing Arts Center

Mystery lovers are in for a treat at Boston Court Performing Arts Center as it features Octavio Solis’ new play “Se Llama Cristina,” which starts with a suspense scene that will leave audiences looking for answers throughout the play.

“Se Llama Cristina” will be shown through Sunday, February 23. The story begins with a man and woman waking up in a strange apartment surrounded by drug paraphernalia and an empty crib, and they must piece together who they are, who they were and where the baby might be.

The play examines the uncertainty of life and people’s desperate need for belonging. It also asks if it is possible for people to rise above their circumstances to create a better life.

The lead actors have starred in many other films and television shows: Justin Suen of “In Search of a Midnight Kiss” (2007), “Angel of Death” (2009) and “Playing Clean” (2013); and Amielynn Abellara, guest stared in “True Crime with Aprhodite Jones.”

“Se Llama” also stars actress Paula Christensen and actor Christian Rummel.

Tickets are $34 for general admission and $29 for seniors.

Boston Court Performing Arts Center is located at 70 N. Mentor Ave. For more information, call (626) 683-6883 or visit