The Pasadena Journal is holding its 10th “Women of Achievement” Breakfast on Saturday, April 15, to honor accomplished African American woman who have risen to top levels in their field.

Joe Hopkins, Publisher of the Journal, said this year’s event will be at Brookside Country Club at 1133 Rosemont Avenue in Pasadena.

The honorees include a Police Commander, a City College board member, head of the Commission on the Status of Women, a Police Chief administrator, a credit union executive and an executive assistant. Hopkins said among them are Char Bland, Brenda Harvey Williams, Belinda Brown, Joann Forte Wormley, Cheryl Moody and Beverly Bogar. The Journal will publish more information about them in upcoming issues.

“As black women, they are among those who have achieved top levels in their ?eld, some on the backs of others, with help, with mentors, and some have suffered the slings and indignities that come with being a woman in corporate America and even more so as Black Woman in America who, as Dr. Maya Angelou said, ‘…Still I Rise,’” Hopkins said.

Keynote Speaker is Dr. Gerda Govine, a Pasadenan with a long history of giving her talents to the community.

Govine is Founder and Producer of Pasadena Rose Poets. She was a Los Angeles County Commissioner for Women. She has published three books, “Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW (2016),” “Alterations | Thread Light Through Eye of Storm (2015)” and “Oh, Where is My Candle Hat?” in English and Spanish. She was a 2013 Journal Woman of Achievement honoree.

Dr. Pamela Powell, President of the National Council on Educating Black Children, will be Mistress of Ceremonies. Powell was former Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Pasadena Unified School District, and Superintendent of the Oklahoma City Uni?ed School District and the Inglewood Uni?ed School District.

The Journal “Women of Achievement” Breakfast is another Journal sponsored event which has contributed to the Pasadena Culture over the years. Other Journal events have included the Pasadena Black Expo and a Gospel, Jazz Concert at the Pasadena Civic Center, featuring Kirk Whalen, Ron Brown and Doc Powell. The Journal also hosts the Holiday Marketplace and the Youth Marketplace at Hopkins Village Grammys Place Gifts and Coffee Shop.

“Through these events we give back to the community and thank God and the community that has been good to us,” Hopkins said.

Tickets for the breakfast are $45. To reserve your seats, call the Journal office, (626) 798-3972.