Some moms may feel that they don’t have time to look good and get stuck in a style rut of sweatpants and ponytails. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t have time to take pride in your appearance. Here are some must-know fashion and beauty tips for looking great without much time or effort!

1. A Flat Iron Can do Double Duty – the simplest style secret is as easy as flat-ironing hair, but you don’t have to stop there! It can do a double duty—on your hair and your clothes. Don’t waste time to get your big iron out; while you are doing your hair, you might as well do your shirt at the same time!

2. Dry Shampoo will Make Your Morning – Mornings are tough! And even though you’d never admit it (OK, maybe you would), sometimes you don’t have time to shower. When you’re running so far behind, dry shampoo is a life saver and it’s great for making your hair smooth and silky

3. Put a Cape on It – go-to maternity uniform of a cape paired with leggings and boots works for pre- and post-baby style. Celeb moms like Katherine Heigl and Sandra Bullock also love this easy trend.

4. Get a Statement Bag– Why carry around a neutral black bag if your mom uniform is tan, gray and blah? Put some thought into it and get away from the neutral handbag. Choose bags that are big enough to carry all the mom essentials but still have a pop of bright color.

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