The recent St. Elizabeth Parish School Gala was an amazing success with a net profit of: $42,000! $10,000, dedicated to Technology through the Fund A Project and the remaining $32,000 will be dedicated to supporting the school budget. For those who wished to contribute, they can still contribute to “Fund A Project” through a restricted, “Angels Among Us,” donation. The $10,000 was the result of 26 families donating. The school is challenging all its families to donate to technology through, “Angels Among Us.” Some of these families have already done that this year, and the school is grateful! If every remaining family contributes in a manner that is comfortable for their budget, St. Elizabeth School can do amazing things. Regardless of the size of the donation, the school is most grateful! Let’s get 100% participation! All the children will benefit.

More gratitude! St. Elizabeth Parish School is expressing its deepest thanks and appreciation to the amazing people who worked so hard to make the Gala a success:

• Mark and Carol Forbush
• Jim, Terri & Luke Magula
• Jennifer Casis
• Claudia Hernandez
• Teresa Garcia
• Cindy Lewis
• Matt and Brynna Venne
• Michaela Block
• Tash Franklin
• Andrew & Jennifer O’Neil
• Hope Hernandez
• Ana Robles
• Sonia Fleming
• Peggy Gala
• Natali Escobedo
• Michelle Sanchez
• Stephanie Hickey
• Talyne Henderson
• Clarita Tripoli
• Cheri Hurst

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