Mayfield Junior School is committed to providing the best learning environment and resources for today’s student. This summer a classroom has undergone an “innovation renovation” to become a center for design thinking and constructivist learning – the MJS D-Lab. The D-Lab will be a multi-functional, flexible space designed to encourage, supply and display student creativity. With writable walls, industrial lighting, adjustable furniture, durable flooring and easily accessible power supplies- the D-Lab will be a maker’s dream equipped for multiple types of projects. Within the workspace a curated collection of tools and materials from advanced laser cutters, 3D printers and a touch-enabled interactive projector to power tools, sewing machines, textiles, hammers and presses will allow students to experiment, develop new skills and follow a passion.

The D-Lab will be a defined space for all grade levels (K-8) to tinker and create while enhancing the current academic program. Teachers have seen how hands-on, authentic learning experiences, embraced over the last few years, promote creativity, collaboration and problem solving. The D-Lab will stimulate imagination and provide real experiences for students to gain the skills and confidence necessary to navigate future challenges.

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