Ron Serven, Environmental Services Manager/City Arborist for the City of San Marino, will conduct his 24nd annual rose pruning workshop on Saturday January 7, 2017, and give even the most inexperienced gardeners the knowledge to promote healthy, beautiful rose blooming when spring comes around. Learn the techniques in one two-hour session and be ready to work in companionship with nature.

A former City Parks Division Manager, Ron’s expertise with roses is still visible throughout the city, particularly at beautiful Lacy Park. Many rose lovers have benefited from and attended repeat performances of Ron’s workshop at Crowell Library. He will demonstrate optimum rose pruning techniques and answer questions from the audience, such as what to do in cold weather, or how to deal with irregular rainfall. Those who attend will be ready to go out into their own yards the very same day to get the job done. Rose pruning promotes healthy roses and abundant blooms in the spring. Increasing air circulation can help prevent disease.

Attendees will get a better sense of how Mother Nature works and will soon be spending some enjoyable time in their home gardens, armed with the knowledge to keep it thriving and beautiful.

This workshop is free and reservations are not required, but if you have questions, please call the library (626) 300-0777, extension 579.

Crowell Public Library, 1890 Huntington Drive, San Marino, (626) 300-0777, or visit, or their Facebook and Twitter pages.