IMG_0514“Our name is strong and we want people to know what we’re about…our message is simple: we’re all one,” said Raymond Semaan, the co-founder of Blind Color Nation.

Blind Color Nation is a progressively minded fashion brand with a message – to unite people regardless of color, religion, ability or beliefs. After a career in printing, Semaan founded Blind Color Nation with a group of creative collaborators to spread the message of unity. Their mission statement; “to change our global perspective through [in]sight and equality” refers to their call for unity and to their close collaboration with the Federation for the Blind.

“We have roots in the blind community but want to spread our message regardless of who you are,” he said.

The store’s visual branding and message can be seen on caps, t-shirts, tank tops and many items through the store. They started with logo shirts and caps and now include shirts, jackets and denim without visible logos. Semaan explains that they seek to make an array of clothing – not just streetwear or casual fashion and that they plan to expand their line. Blind Color Nation currently carries men’s, women’s and unisex fashions as well as jewelry, hats and bags.

“We want to grow, spread our message and keep it fun,” he said. “We’re not political – our message is that we’re all one – we’re all human.”

Blind Color Nation has been open in The Burlingame Arcade since November 2016 and plans to add a spring line, expand their reach and eventually employee non-sighted or visually impaired people.

Blind Color Nation is located at 380 South Lake Avenue, #104. Call 1.800.253.4290 or visit