From hair and skin to clothes and shoes, one’s appearance is a constant trigger of snap judgments. Whether interviewing for a job or just looking to make a good first impression, a recent perception study proves that even the alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding success, popularity, intelligence, and general health.

The results of this Smile Survey prove the importance of an attractive, healthy smile, whether you’re socializing and networking face-to-face or virtually. Your smile has more of an effect on what others perceive about you than you think. According to the study, many Americans say teeth are a standout feature when it comes to what they notice and recall when first meeting someone. About two-thirds of Americans are more likely to remember attractive features than those they find to be unpleasant. Perhaps this is why so many realize a nice smile is important.

Given the emphasis placed on straight teeth, there is now a modern way for adults and kids to straighten their teeth that can be done without most people even knowing they are in treatment. Clear aligners straighten teeth like metal braces, yet they are more comfortable, less intrusive to people’s lifestyles and make maintaining good hygiene much easier because they are removable.

White teeth were also one of the reasons why people were being more successful. According to the three-part study, which included simulated job interviews, simulated first dates and a quantitative online survey; more than half of the study participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and received larger salary offers (53%) after their teeth had been whitened. The study also found that evaluators expressed a greater interest in continuing their interaction or “date” with more than half of the study participants (54%) after their teeth had been whitened.

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